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Love or loathe them, we have to be honest and admit with one another that when you attend a good wedding (yes, of course there are terrible ones. don’t judge, you know it’s true), they’re an amazing time.

We happen to particularly enjoy them, and it’s not just because it’s a part of what we do.

Being welcomed to share a wedding day with a couple is a feeling that’s different than any other client work we do. We might only spend a day, and sometimes less than that with a couple, but as you watch a couple, and their loved ones experiencing the day together… you feel like they’re friends, people you genuinely care about.

Recently we were asked to show and create a wedding film for a great couple, Ashley + Kaeo Rubin. I’ve actually known Kaeo’s family for quite a few years, so when we got the email I was excited to take this project on.

It was amazing to see how much love and hard work was put into this day. The bride was beautiful, the groom looked dapper as hell, and the wedding was a blast.


IMG_2139 IMG_2140 IMG_2141

The playfulness, laughter and genuine smiles that they gave one another was simply… pure content.
Take a look for yourself  –



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