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It’s been a while since our first post promising you tips and insights into the tools we use, and what inspires us to do what we do.

For our first post on this, we thought we’d give you a basic overview of the tools that we use and in the future we’ll start to dive a little deeper.

So let’s get down to it.

These are some of the tools we use on a regular basis.

IMG_1849 IMG_2121

We shoot with a couple of Canon 70 D’s, and carry a couple backup Canon t3i’s. Yes these are cameras you can go out and purchase at your local electronics store right now. No, they aren’t crazy expensive, so you could easily go out and start shooting tomorrow!

That’s actually what we did about 3 years ago… now here we are today.

We rarely work with a crew, so it’s just the two of us hauling around all our gear on location, so less is always more.

There’s always a better camera, or a different piece of equipment that could might make our shoot easier, but at the end of the day we pride ourselves on trying to bring the best out of the gear we have and doing it ourselves.

Anyone can go drop thousands on an expensive camera, but do you have the ability, and more importantly the eye to run it?

(If you do have the money you should call us. We’ll gladly use your new camera for you)

Our goal is to hit the point where it’s not us “wanting” this particular camera body, or lens, but that we “need” them in order to achieve and reach our vision and goals.

We love the look that you can achieve with the DSLR’s, and along with the number of new and old lenses you can use, it just makes sense for what we do.

Usually we need to be mobile when filming, so we run around with a couple Manfrotto monpods (with the legs, because steady shots are key) since it allows us to maneuver around and get into spots easier. You’ll also spot us hauling around a couple Manfrotto tripods with fluid heads (we mount the slider on one) in tow.

Our lenses will vary, but typically we work with the Canon L-Series lenses, mostly prime, and a couple telephoto. Our specific lens selections will vary depending on the project, location and the desired look. We usually opt for lenses that provide a low aperture that will allow us to open up the lens all the way for low-light situations since we like to utilize the natural light for a lot of our event highlight videos.

We’ll get into things more in detail in the future, but for now it’s time to get back to editing.


Questions? Let us know.



Love or loathe them, we have to be honest and admit with one another that when you attend a good wedding (yes, of course there are terrible ones. don’t judge, you know it’s true), they’re an amazing time.

We happen to particularly enjoy them, and it’s not just because it’s a part of what we do.

Being welcomed to share a wedding day with a couple is a feeling that’s different than any other client work we do. We might only spend a day, and sometimes less than that with a couple, but as you watch a couple, and their loved ones experiencing the day together… you feel like they’re friends, people you genuinely care about.

Recently we were asked to show and create a wedding film for a great couple, Ashley + Kaeo Rubin. I’ve actually known Kaeo’s family for quite a few years, so when we got the email I was excited to take this project on.

It was amazing to see how much love and hard work was put into this day. The bride was beautiful, the groom looked dapper as hell, and the wedding was a blast.


IMG_2139 IMG_2140 IMG_2141

The playfulness, laughter and genuine smiles that they gave one another was simply… pure content.
Take a look for yourself  –



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