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It’s 3am.

The noise blaring from my alarm is deafening. This morning it’s turned up all the way to the max volume. The sound is horrible.

I struggle to find my phone in the sheets, but I’ve actually been awake for the last hour. Filled with a mix of anxiousness and excitement, I’ve been running through the gear checklist in my head for the last 30 minutes, because today is the big day.

Today is the first REAL day here at HortonBarker.

I say, “first real day”, but truthfully this has been months, well technically a couple years in the making and I have a flight to Denver to catch.

Tomorrow we’ll turn the cameras on, and do what we do best – capturing moments that allow us to tell our client’s story. It’s been a long journey from when we first picked up our cameras and decided to embark on this adventure, but the time has finally come for us to take our next step, and we welcome you to join us.

Our goal here in this blog is to provide a little insight into our adventures, and share our experiences with those who choose to follow us on our journey. We hope that we’ll be able to interact with each and everyone one of you as we grow and further establish our voices.

You’ll hear from myself (the “Horton” of HortonBarker) and also from my partner from time to time. We’ll provide some context to our projects, insight into our creative process, what inspires and motivates us, as well as tips for others looking to find their voices through storytelling.

We both have a lot to say and share with you, but for now this is all the time we have because the Mile High City is waiting for us… and we’ve been waiting for this moment for years.

And so… the adventure begins.

Welcome to HortonBarker.

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