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We go by the names, Chad Barker and Andrew Horton, and together we make up HortonBarker (see what we did there?). We’re two guys who believe in the simple and good things in life. We’re here to have fun, make some memories, and to tell great stories.

When we first started making videos, we did so with very specific, yet simple goals; to make the viewer smile, laugh, and to think.

Life is hectic. Because of that, it's easy to forget that it can actually be as simple as we allow it to be. So, we tried to create fun distractions for just a few minutes at a time for others to enjoy.

While the videos we create now are more complex than we started, we still approach each project with similar simple goals. We aren't here to re-invent the wheel, we're just trying to slow it so we can appreciate it a bit more.

We strive to create and establish connections between the viewer and the pieces we make. If you're looking to do the same, and you like what we see, let's talk!

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